We are Nigerian company duly registered with Nigeria cooperate affairs commission. We are leading equipment supplier in the hospitality industry.

Our core expertise are in:

Ace-t equipment service ltd has a well trained service team for after sale service operation as well as spare parts for our products and more.

We are consultant to Nigeria major companies in the hospitality industry and Foods as well as agro-allied.

Our Board of director constitute professional in the basic concept our service and products.

In addition to our equipment supply, over the years we have engaged client in personnel training on the use of industrial and commercial kitchen equipment, and minor maintenance, As regards to cleaning and precautions to achieve economic life span for the equipment, we also have maintained a good customer relationship through sustainable warrantee service on all our equipment for one year.

Spare parts is a must for us to stock, when we sell our equipment, As these allow us twenty four hours response in the event of break down.Our primary goal of service is to excel above our competitors.Our cooling arm of the Organization, extended sales to water chillers, Blast freezers, central Air conditions, cooling towers and more.

And also our laundry equipment arm is growing fast with washing machine, dryers, Iron-er, We continually work to support local industries in Nigeria and west Africa to establish related businesses at a reasonable and convenient cost.